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Youth Sustainable Investment Challenge

Oct 1 - Mar 25
This competition will introduce students to the key concepts of ESG investing and portfolio building. Finalists get to compete in NYC at the YEFA Summit.
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April 7, 2024


The Youth Sustainability Investment Challenge (YSIC), hosted by YEFA and sponsored by Global Alliance, is an ESG-centered portfolio management competition. In YSIC, students will have the opportunity to think creatively, build their own unique strategies, and test out various financial instruments individually or with a team up to 4 members (Team Size: 1-4 members). Each student/team will start out with $100,000 in cash and have roughly 3 months to construct an ESG-oriented portfolio. Any stock and bond listed on a YSIC-approved stock exchange or bond exchange will be allowed for trading during the competition. Finalists (top 10 global students/teams) will have the opportunity to pitch their investment strategy to a panel of distinguished Wall Street judges, compete in New York City for a $3,500 cash prize pool, and attend a unique networking event in NYC with industry-leading professionals.

Dates & Timeline

July 27th - Registration Starts

October 30th - Registration Ends

October 2nd - Trading Begins

November 1st - Midterm Report Due

January 5th - Final Report Due

March 8th - Top 10 Finalists Announced

Trading Rules

  • Trading 10/02/2023- 12/9/2023
  • Each account will start out with $100,000 in virtual cash.
  • All Stocks must be greater than $3,
  • International stocks are allowed.
  • Stocks and Bonds are allowed to buy and sell.
  • ETF, short selling, margin trading, Cryptocurrencies, and other options are not allowed.
  • The maximum amount a student can invest in single security (either a stock or bond) is 10%. (Example: the maximum you can invest in AAPL is 10% of your entire portfolio)
  • Each account must make a minimum of 1 trade by 11:59 pm EST on 10/16/2023. Otherwise, you will be disqualified.
  • Your cash position cannot be greater than 50% at the midterm. Ex: if you buy 10% for each stock, the minimum number of stocks is 5.
  • Record each transaction
  • To enter the quarterfinals and semifinals, you need to show that at least one ESG-friendly stock in your portfolio.
  • There is no brokerage fee for this competition.
  • There is no interest income on cash balances
  • ESG Requirements TBD

Midterm Report Requirements

Each team leader should submit their finalized team roster (their students’ names and schools, and addresses). Note: there are no team composition requirements. Any country, school grade.

Each portfolio must have less than 50% of the cash. You can buy bonds/treasury (cash similar) to substitute cash investment.

Presentation Must Include:

  • Team name and an introduction of each team member
  • How the team met one another
  • What they’ve learned so far
  • Their trading strategy and your portfolio performance
  • Reasoning for their ESG friendly stock

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